Juventus vs Barcelona. Pirlo vs Koeman. A Tactical Analysis


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(Juventus 🆚 FC Barcelona tactics)

Juventus were up against FC Barcelona in a mouth watering clash at Turin.

Juventus is new side under guidance of Andrea Pirlo whereas Koeman looked to bounce back after EL Clasico defeat. Juventus and Barcelona both lined up in 4-2-3-1 formation.

Juventus build up from back by short passing through Szczensy and Center Backs Demiral and Bonucci. Danilo and Cuadrado was pushing higher up the field to provide width.

Dybala joined Morata higher up the field in attack as they were floating between the lines.

Rabiot drop deep to help out Center Back and along with Bentancur they looked to dictate the possession.

Morata, Dybala, Chiesa and Dejan pressed Barcelona back 4 of Pique, Lenglet, Roberto and Alba.

While Juventus tried to put compact shape without the ball in 4-4-2 formation.

Barcelona reshaped in 4-4-2 formation with Alba pushed higher up the field and De Jong, Pjanic acted as double pivot and Roberto were reserved as he dropped deep to help out the defense of Araujo and Lenglet and Barcelona's front four of Messi, Griezmann, Dembele and Pedri constantly floating in between the lines.

Dybala and Morata was pressing higher up against Araujo and Lenglet whereas Chiesa and Kulusevski were pressing Barcelona fullbacks Roberto and Alba.

Whereas Bentancur and Rabiot and tried to give very less space to play out from back to Pjanic and De Jong by covering the wide and Juventus went for Man to man pressing and forced Barcelona long balls.



To overcome Juventus press Barcelona started to build up from Back in 4-4-2 reshape as Lionel Messi dropped deep to create Numerical advantage of 2 🆚 1 and Messi played as third midfielder and drifted into wide and created Chaos and Problem for Kulusevski and created space for Alba to receive the ball and maintain width.

This result in Chiesa, Bentancur unable to press forward and De Jong able to facilitate the ball in final 3rd and Bentancur were forced to cover two players of Barcelona i.e Messi and De Jong.

Messi and Jordi Alba was creating 2 🆚 1 in the wide area and forced Juventus to go deep and form a triangle lane to bypass Barcelona press along with Pedri who was drifting into the channel.

Messi with time and Space tried to implement switch of play towards Dembele.




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